Weekday Afternoon Demonstrations

This summer we are opening the doors to our student demonstrations. Each week we give demonstrations to our students who are studying for their Diploma. The demonstrations are designed to teach the students the skills and methods that they need to learn on the course. They all start at 2pm prompt and cost £20 per person. If you would like to join us please telephone 0131 226 4314 to book. You should also telephone to check that the Demonstration is still going ahead on that day because occasionally we have to change our timetable. Each demonstration lasts between 1 ½ and 2 ¼ hours depending on the topic. Occasionally the students will need to take a written test during the demonstration – but we won’t make you do it as well! At the end of the demonstration there will be tasters of most of the food cooked.


For more information  please call 0131 226 4314