Spiced Kingdoms and Colonies:

We are very pleased to welcome Sumayya Usmani to the Edinburgh New Town Cookery School this Autumn. Sumayya will be at the cookery school on three Sundays to impart her extensive knowledge of the flavours, recipes and culinary history of the Indian sub continent.

A food writer and cookery teacher who grew up in Pakistan, Sumayya Usmani moved to London over ten years ago, but has found home in Glasgow. Sumayya is passionate about sharing the flavours of her homeland with a view to highlight Pakistani cuisine as a distinct one. The author of two cookbooks: Summers Under The Tamarind Tree (Frances Lincoln) and Mountain Berries and Dessert Spice (Frances Lincoln, out April 2017), her writing reminisces about food and memories growing up in Pakistan and Sumayya advocates cooking by "andaza", (sensory and estimation cooking), which is how she learnt to cook from her mother and grandmothers; from a very young age. She's appears frequently on in many online and print publications, radio and television, and presents BBC Kitchen Cafe weekly, on BBC Radio Scotland.Photo credit:Joanna Yee.

You can find out more about Sumayya: www.sumayyausmani.com @SumayyaUsmani (Twitter & Instagram)

Spiced Kingdoms and Colonies: A journey of flavour through the Indian sub-continent

 We will journey though into Pakistan, with it's Persian and Central Asian flavours that influence its cookery, all the time linking in the Spice route influences in the region. This is an eye opening and sensory journey into a world of many unknown recipes and culinary history, that will leave you with an eclectic repertoire of recipes and flavours. The day will start at 9.45am with a talk and demonstration by Sumayya and then we will head to the kitchen where you will be cooking the recipes which will form lunch to be served dining room. The day will draw to a close at around 2.30pm after lunch.

Sunday November: 12th

Kingdoms of Saffron: Flavours of North India and South and North Pakistan

Mughali lamb biryani

Mamtu dumplings with minted yoghurt and tomato sauce

Aubergine borani 

Chicken rose korma 

Shahi tukra saffron bread pudding


Course schedule is currently being updated.
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