News from Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

From Knife Skills to Life Skills

Many people dream of running their own restaurant, bistro or cafe and those dreams are born out of a passion for food and hospitality.

However, the desire to delight people with culinary creations is not enough in itself to succeed as a professional chef.  The world of gastronomy is competitive and cost-driven and many dreams have been dashed because more focus went on the presentation on the plate rather than on what the accountants will see on the bottom line.

Recipe Development and Food Photography

Last week, as part of the course, our students had to devise a recipe and have it photographed. In fact this exercise had started long before last week. They are given a few themes that they can devise a recipe for. Once they have chosen their theme they then think of three ideas. We choose one of these ideas and they develop it. They come to the kitchen and test their recipe. We look at it and discuss it and tell them where they need to improve it both for flavour, texture etc. and for how it will look in the photograph.

Chocoholics delight!

We are at a very busy part of the Intermediate Certificate course. The majority of the students are also nearing the end of their Six Month Cookery Diploma and we like to keep them busy! Last week they all went off to various restaurants and bakeries around the city to do some work experience. Yesterday Charlotte Flower, a chocolatier who is based in Aberfeldy, came to give the students a chocolate workshop. They made ganache, which they flavoured with all sorts of things including, herbs, alcohol, fruit, spices, nuts and, even in one case, truffle oil!

Cooking up a passion for business

Working in a kitchen is the ultimate teambuilding experience.  Getting the best out of a chef team is about ensuring each person achieves their potential and completes a task to the best of their ability. So, very much a parallel with traditional business practices everywhere.

This Could Be You!

Are you looking to change your career? Do you feel you are not fully fulfilling your ability in your present job? Do you love cooking and want to change the direction of your life? Look no further, we can set you on the path to a new creative career in the food industry.

Maybe you've been in your job for too long, become bored, stuck in a rut and are no longer interested in the subject or the work.  Maybe you feel you're simply too young to sit it out until you retire - counting the hours, watching the clock.