News from Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Returning to Work after a Career Break

With teenage children myself, I know many mums who are looking to get back into work but are unsure of what exactly they are qualified to do.  For many women who choose to give up or reduce their careers in order to look after their children, going back to work again is the hardest part.

Preparing for University

Every parent who has sent their children off to university has experienced that moment of panic over whether or not they will actually be able to feed themselves -  I know I certainly have.  The fear is they will resort to a diet based exclusively on microwave rice and cheap frozen pizzas because they are too focused on studying (or other extracurricular activities) to work out how to prepare cheap and healthy meals that will fuel them for all the fun they will be having.

Turn a Passion for Food into a Career

Turn a Passion for Food into a Career 

Whether you are leaving school or looking for a change, deciding what career you really want to pursue requires a lot of self-reflection, conviction and indeed, a bit of courage too. Taking what you love to do and turning it into a profession can be challenging. As the head of a school I've seen people come from lots of different circumstances and backgrounds and seen first-hand the drive they have to succeed and I’m very proud of what my school has to offer to help them achieve their dreams.

Escaping Festival Madness!

The Edinburgh Festival and Festival Fringe is almost upon us and the whole city is buzzing in anticipation of another year of the biggest arts festival in the world - plus all the fantastic things to see and do that come with it.   However, as most Edinburgh residents will attest, after a couple of weeks it can get a little tiring navigating the never ending hustle and bustle. 

Teenagers in the kitchen

How many times a day do we find ourselves asking teenagers to stack or empty the dishwasher, to clear up after themselves and to eat healthily?  The teenage years are an essential point of life to instil good habits that will last throughout life.

I am always pleased to see how the teenagers who join our summer one week courses come into the kitchen a bit quiet and reticent, but by the end of the week they are not just talking nineteen to the dozen, but also producing some superb food!  And the enjoyment they get from learning core cookery skills is really rewarding to witness.