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Was it a Great British Bake Off?

With two Hollywood handshakes and a “style over substance” it was clear that not much has changed in the Great British Bake Off tent.  The innuendos were still there, cakes collapsed, the judges were suitably critical, the jokes were appalling and someone was sent home.

So a switch to Channel 4 has left life inside the tent pretty much as normal, with only a few brighter colours and some different faces reading from the same script, to make much of a difference. 

Waste Less Food

According to Zero Waste Scotland we waste around 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink every year. This is a shocking figure and the Scottish government has set a target of reducing waste by a third by 2025. In order for this to become a reality we all need to do our part. So, from the perspective of a cook, here are my thoughts on how we can each do our bit by shopping smarter and using leftovers better:

It is very easy, when doing a weekly shop, to buy more food than you need, but that doesn’t need to always be the case.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This year we have put a particular focus on olive oils and have started to sell a stunning new range from the Extremadura region in western Spain.  But what’s so special about olive oil and what should we be looking out for?

Choosing Knives

As everyone knows, perhaps the most worthwhile investment you can make to help your culinary skills is in a range of good quality knives to make all those preparation and finishing  tasks easier.  They need not cost a fortune, but will repay you time and again and, with a little care, last for ages.  Here are my top five picks:

Chef’s Knife:

Edinburgh Food Heritage Trail - The Practice of Cookery

We are proud to be part of the Edinburgh Food Heritage Trail which offers a new way to experience the city’s World Heritage Site by revealing some of the hidden links between the city’s unique build heritage and its food traditions.  As cookery schools in Edinburgh date back to Georgian times, and our  school spans five floors of a beautiful Georgian building, we seemed to be a perfect fit. View the Edinburgh Food Heritage trail video for yourself here....