Mediterranean Kitchen

On this Mediterranean cookery course we take a trip around the countries of the Mediterranean, moving from Southern Europe to North Africa and on eastwards towards the Middle East. The trade routes set up by the Phoenicians many centuries ago still have an impact on the style of food of the countries bordering the Mediterranean and on this course we try to explore as many different flavours as we can.

The recipes cooked will be:

Pide (Turkey)

(Pizza Bread made with Yoghurt)


Baba Ghanoush (The Levant)

(Aubergine Dip)


Shin of Beef Tagine with Prunes (Morrocco)


Peporanata  with Grilled Fish (Italy)

(A dish of peppers, tomato, garlic and onions)


Baklava (Turkey)

(Small sweet bites of filo pastry with a filling of different nuts and drenched in syrup)