The Apprentice comes to Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

Meatballs lose out to a quality stew!

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School appeared on BBC 1's ‘The Apprentice” on the 25th April 2012. Filmed a few months ago, the candidates, production team and Lord Sugar’s aides, Nick Hewer and Karren Brady decamped to Edinburgh to tempt people with gourmet street food. Team Phoenix used the school's kitchens to make their dish of Italian Meatballs, Pasta and Tomato Sauce. Whilst the Apprentices “value” meat balls were not exactly what Lord Sugar had expected them to produce for the discerning citizens of “Scotland’s Gourmet Capital”, they provided an exciting couple of days for us at the School. Team Phoenix went about their business of preparing food to sell the next day to a somewhat reluctant Edinburgh population under the ever watchful eye of Nick Hewer. Fiona Burrell was with them for the task and watched their efforts to persuade Rangers fans arriving at Tynecastle, and later tourists in the Grassmarket, to buy the meatballs. All to no avail as they lost!  Well done to Team Sterling for winning the task. It goes to show, as we always tell our students, you should always go for quality produce as it will win in the end!